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Christian Mindfulness and Creativity

A collection of handcrafted writings and illustrations on Christian Mindfulness and Creativity.

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  • Reverse Prayer Pose Yoga

    Mindful Body and Spirit: Yoga and Prayer

    As Heraclitus once said, "No man ever steps in the same river twice," my same body comes to the yoga mat differently every day I practice. I respect and notice the differences....

  • Illustration for remaining tender in a tough world, rabbit with dandelions

    Remaining Tender in a Hard World

    I collect dandelion leaves to feed our children's bunnies on my walks. The leaves I find along the buzzing roadside are tougher leaved and pocked by sharp roadside pebbles....

  • Christian Mindfulness Defined

    Christian Mindfulness Defined

    If mindfulness is defined as: being aware of what is happening around you and inside of you, at the present moment without judgement; then Christian Mindfulness is bringing that awareness before the feet of God in prayer and dealing with it together....

  • Christian Mindfulness (It's a thing.)

    Christian Mindfulness: It’s a Thing

    Christian Mindfulness: It's a thing and probably an ancient one at that. The most natural rhythm between God and I has become receiving from Him and me giving thanks in return....