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A collection of handcrafted writings and illustrations on Christian Mindfulness and Creativity.

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  • REST from My Identity in D OING

    Rest From My Identity of DOING

    Rest. On Sundays I rest. I rest from my identity of DOING. ...

  • Perfect Portion Mindful Eating

    Mindful Eating: The Perfect Portion

    If my stomach is no larger than my fist, I vowed to feed only what the cavernous container in the dark naturally held and not overburden it with my mind's immediate desires. This seemed logical and a simple guide to portion control ...

  • Show Up With Me - 30 Day Challenge

    Show Up With Me – Day 15

    It’s one thing to be told you are beautiful, inside and out, and a whole other thing to believe it. I'm on that journey towards embracing just who God has made and is making me. To aid me in this journey, I am in the process of a 30-day personal challenge ...

  • Creativity Likes Balance

    Creativity Likes Balance

    What if Artist's Block is simply the brain's natural circuit breaker, used as a tool of survival to ensure balance and ward off burnout? What if it was just the brain's way of requesting a more balanced life-experience?...