Christian Mindfulness (It's a thing.) Illustration of woman in meditation pose, praying pose

Christian Mindfulness: It’s a Thing

Christian Mindfulness: It’s a thing and probably an ancient one at that.


The most natural rhythm between God and I has become receiving from Him and me giving thanks in return. It goes on and on like breathing. When I forget or become distracted, “What’s missing?” I think, “Oh, thankfulness.” I’ve forgotten to be thankful and it shows in my mood and countenance like unbrushed brass.


In this simplest of breathing exercises, set the pleasing rhythm of our thanks (on the exhale) with the pace of God’s giving (and our receiving on the inhale). It’s all around us; His love like air: constant, reliable, and never-ending.


I try to give something good in return; but sometimes my thanks is all I have.  (But sometimes thanks is enough.)


“Thank You, that You are always here for me,” I exhale. I get the rhythm started again.


How many breaths can you take in until you have to exhale?


How much do we have to receive from God until we give Him thanks?

You don’t even have to be in a yoga pose to remain mindful, prayerful, and connected with God. In the book The Practice of the Presence of God, Joseph de Beaufort compiles the intriguing insights of Brother Lawrence (a 17th century Carmelite monk) and how he practiced remaining in God’s presence through all of his daily duties.


Another excellent resource describing the theology behind Christian Mindfulness in greater detail can be found on – Mindfulness.