Pinnacles and Pits artwork

Pinnacles and Pits

Pinnacles and Pits: they don’t always even out to nice, simply explainable MEDIANS. I guess a median would be peaceful…but it might also be boring. Where would be the lesson and growth in that? We know pinnacles are hard to maintain and impossible to gather in your hands forever. They are fleeting, like a moment holding a live, wild bird. They are intrinsic with mystery, wonder, and glory.



I’m talking: relationships, being in love, profit margins, orgasms, joys, victories, successes, rainbows, summer days, ice cream, strengths; you name it—the highs of life.



We all hate the pits: the flat tires, the failures at work, with friends, with family, the unexpected bills, the sicknesses, the disappointments, the deaths.


Up and down, up and down, up and down. There’s a rhythm here.


But, what if I turned your rhythm upside down to meet my rhythm? What if your victory communes with my failure? What if my need is met with your abundance? What if my strengths under-gird your weaknesses? My riches with your poverty?


What if we were one for just a moment? What if we rubbed shoulders for a lifetime? What if God uses us to meet each other’s’ needs? What if we are His hands and feet?


What if this exchange was forming a riverbed of help and healing sent from above?


Up on top, the views were incredible. Vistas. Your breath taken away by the beauty. The land lay vast below cut in nice squares and rectangles by grid-lines of tiny roads, dotted by even tinier houses.


It reminded me of the mountain top moments you can have with God. The pinnacles, the zeniths: pure joy, nothing held back, succinct connection, clear revelation. And then I looked around, near my feet. The earth was red and bare. There was no lush undergrowth. The trees were scrawny and weak. You couldn’t live up here. There was nothing to survive on; no source of water or shade. It dawned on me, you couldn’t sustain a mountain top moment with God either. It is what it is and it is to be enjoyed and reveled in, but you can’t sustain it or expect that always—God didn’t intend for us to live in that state.


The Valleys

We live, work, and get nourished in the valleys: the lush undergrowth, the fertile ground, birds and small animals dashing here and there. Here we have relationship with others and challenges.

The pinnacles and the pits don’t last forever, and we aren’t made to stay in these states forever.

Thank goodness God can reach down into the impossible pits in our lives; reach right in and grab us out. Call out to him; no pit is too deep for him to reach and no pinnacle too high for you to come back down and break some bread with fellow man. Gently share what you have learned with a trusted friend.