Sometimes I am at my Bravest When I Rest - Framed Art Print Sometimes I am at my Bravest When I Rest - Fine Art Print Sometimes I am at my Bravest When I Rest - Fine Art Print Sometimes I am at my Bravest When I Rest - Sticker Sometimes I am at my Bravest When I Rest - Mug Sometimes I am at my Bravest When I Rest - Journal Sometimes I am at my Bravest When I Rest - Journal

When Rest is Brave

Have you ever considered rest as brave?


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If your heart yearns for more rest, God may be calling you to trust Him more deeply . To solidify your desire to grow in this area use a gentle visual reminder to bring your focus back to God, His promises, His provision. We are retraining our minds away from fear and into a more restful trust in Christ.


Every time you see this message to rest, you will be encouraged to be still and remember God is bigger than anything we are facing and He has ALL of our needs in His hands.


Even as the asking is on your breathe, He’s on His way to help (even if we cannot see the results of our prayers yet). We can surely rest in that.


Tuck this purposeful reminder on your bedside or on a favorite wall. Let it be a visual reminder that God is the someone in your life who you can trust who is all-powerful, faithful, and loving. It can be your prayer prompt both in the evening and in the morning when you wake up.


Hide the reminder for on-the-go anxieties with a small sticker on the inside of a day planner.


Find rest as you express yourself honestly, thoughtfully, and with heartfelt passion and simplicity in papered prayers expressed through ink in this lovely journal. Use it to help you process through this specific leg of your spiritual journey as you purposefully focus to grow in this area of trust and rest in God alone. Write out all your anxieties in thoughtful prayers, notes, thoughts, and the quotes and scripture that support and inspire you.


Gift one to a friend who is going through her own valley of insurmountable circumstances and needs to rely on the power of God alone to get her through those dark nights. Encourage each other in your bravery.


A Little Context: Lilly of the Valley

I chose lily of the valley as the featured flower on this art piece for its grace and implied meaning: return of happiness. Surely rest can bring the return of happiness.


People have been assigning differentiating definitions to flowers throughout the centuries. Quick internet research might pull up several meanings associated with one flower. I decided to use Vanessa Diffenbaugh’s guide in the back of her book, The Language of Flowers. Although it is a fiction novel her research for the for the list seems carefully curated from several sources.


This artwork is dedicated to my mother, whose favorite flower is the lily of the valley and who certainly deserves rest.
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