Sometimes I am at my bravest when I forgive; with Bible Reference from Matthew, large peach peonies on peach background Sometimes I am at my bravest when I forgive. Art Sticker for sale Sometimes I am most brave when I forgive. Framed Art Print for Sale Fine Art Print - Sometimes I am at My Bravest When I Forgive

When Forgiveness is Brave

In many ways forgiveness is brave. It takes trust, vulnerability, faith, resilience, obedience, and strength during some of our weakest, wounded, moments.


It is humble to realize only God knows the proper combination of love and discipline to turn hearts to true repentance while also bringing forth justice. It takes faith and bravery to leave the unfinished business in God’s hands.


Forgiveness chooses to trust that God is above every earthly offense. It trusts God will hold accountable—in His perfect timing—the person who offended, hurt, maimed, gossiped, deceived, lied, killed, raped, or stole.


Forgiveness leaves the exact results, punishment, wrath, or discipline mixed with the proper amount of love and mercy in God’s hands. This takes trust that God will bring His perfect justice in His own time, and trust in a God we cannot see is brave.


Train your heart towards forgiveness and gird your mind with strength in God’s word with some of these visual reminders:


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