Is Balance Biblical?

Wrapping it up: Is Balance Biblical?

This month, in our online community called Balanced and Beautiful, we have delved into the topic of balance, asking these three questions: What is balance and is achieving it even possible?Is the pursuit of balance biblical?How does God’s word make us more balanced individuals? In response to—What

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What to do with the Fire of Temptation

When our home catches fire, we call 911 for help. We may quickly assess, but when we realize it is taking over, there is no delay in our response. There is no sitting on it. Pondering it. Wrestling with it. Yet, when temptation starts to

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Kate Spade Hope

I was chewing on my own faith this past week and getting stuck on some of Jesus’ words like dry bread in the back of my throat. It was a particularly hard tenet to swallow:

Trading Sarcasm for the Good Stuff: Respect, love, dignity, kindness, patience, upfront honesty

Trading Sarcasm for the Good Stuff

It’s a good thing I wasn’t a comedian at the time or my agent would have been furious when I decided to turn my back on sarcasm for two months as an experiment. I can imagine his hands wringing, mouth grimacing, and the berating as

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My Bulldog of Being Right

I had it in me, my old bulldog of being right. Think soft marshmallow flesh with stocky shoulders and a snarling, sputtering, toothy, aggressive need-to-be-right.

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Our Response When Dreams Die

As the disciples rode the dusty coattails of Jesus’ rising influence, their dream of being a part of a powerful new king’s kingdom was crushed as Jesus hung on the cross and died. I’m sure they were quite perplexed

Person waiting in lonely room with words that read: WAITING, In the wait our faith is challenged. We are asked, "Do you Trust Me even if you lose this?"

Waiting in Uncertainty

I’ve waited for a marriage to fall through or be reborn. I’ve waited for pregnancies to end in the dark too soon or come to full fruition in soft whimpers and fresh cries. I’ve waited for business opportunities to flow into my hands or fold

Elizabeth Berg quote that describes envy as “the cockroaches of the soul”

What to do with Envy

Envy lies as dormant desire buried alive. Nothing buried alive is beautiful. In her book Escaping into the Open: The Art of Writing True, Elizabeth Berg describes envy as “the cockroaches of the soul”.