Sometimes I am at by Bravest when I Rest, trusting in God to be able to truly rest

When Rest is Brave

Sometimes bravery doesn't wear heavy armor and swing a sharp sword. Sometimes it’s more simple and subtle than that. Sometimes bravery is resting from all we are doing to promote ourselves, pad our self-worth, and calm our eating anxieties.

Subtle Forms of Bravery, pastel flowers curling around words

Subtle Forms of Bravery

I believe there are some uncommon, often uncelebrated forms of bravery. These subtle forms of bravery do not get enough recognition, but they certainly have a quiet way of weaving honor back into our own chests while they also extending respect into the hearts of

#whatkindofwoman do you want to be? image of polar ice vs. warm beach with logo:


I know average women who can walk into a room and fill it with the sunshine of their beaming and generous smile, winning and warming the hearts of men and women alike. I've also seen beautiful women enter a room and chill it almost as

Woman's hands holding small string of lights overlooking a warm sunset that is reflected in a lake in front of her.

Warm Winter Wishes, Closing the Cold Behind Us

As we retreat indoors this season and trim our trees with warm lights, we will purposely close the cold outside. What will we use our strength to close the door to this Christmas season; what will we refuse to let in other than the sharp

A bright firey circle illustrating anger as a controlled powerful force.

Anger as a Controlled Burn

Anger, at its best, is a controlled burn. Farmers use controlled burns as a powerful tool to rid their land of invasive weeds and the clearing of cluttered, useless underbrush. Burn, baby burn.

No Rose Fears Judgement. She blooms anyway. Rose and text on abstract background.

No Rose Fears Judgement

Allowing ourselves to be beautiful has a lot to do with becoming comfortable being seen and not afraid of judgement. For many years, being seen has elicited fear within me; fear of judgement, of being mocked, and then crushed. But look at the flowers. No

Counter-Intuitive Hope - REST

Counter-Intuitive Hope

Oftentimes, feelings of powerlessness come over me after I've faced circumstances armed and animated with all I've got and nothing's budged. Powerlessness begets hopelessness, or does hopelessness beget powerlessness? (This might just be a chicken-and-egg argument.)