Show Up With Me - 30 Day Challenge, 15 days underway

Show Up With Me – Day 15

It’s one thing to be told you are beautiful, inside and out, and a whole other thing to believe it. I'm on that journey towards embracing just who God has made and is making me. To aid me in this journey, I am in the process

Illustration of a happy brain holding the strings of many light bulbs and pulling the power switch on

Creativity Likes Balance

What if Artist's Block is simply the brain's natural circuit breaker, used as a tool of survival to ensure balance and ward off burnout? What if it was just the brain's way of requesting a more balanced life-experience?

An illustration of a man holding up his own shell, looking lonesomely over at a lonely woman making a small fire outside of her own shell

Shell-Less Living and the Shell-Crusher

Sometimes we need to take a great, terrible, long fall from a comfortable perch. It’s the only thing that will crack and crush the shell we never needed in the first place, but we created and clung to out of fear and the comfort of

Illustration of a pleased woman sitting in a bay window, sipping from coffee cup, looking outside a window with a sunrise, flowers

Mindful Beauty: Open and Genuine Delight

The most beautiful woman is able to be pleased. In fact, I would venture to say, we are at our most beautiful when we are genuinely and joyfully satisfied, content, and at ease with ourselves and the world.

Illustration of a rabbit hiding under a tree amidst soft dandelions

Remaining Tender in a Hard World

I collect dandelion leaves to feed our children's bunnies on my walks. The leaves I find along the buzzing roadside are tougher leaved and pocked by sharp roadside pebbles.

Illustration of two meditating, seated figures. They both have found the same ball of information, and one knows what do do with it. She is lit up.

Christian Mindfulness Defined

If mindfulness is defined as: being aware of what is happening around you and inside of you, at the present moment without judgement; then Christian Mindfulness is bringing that awareness before the feet of God in prayer and dealing with it together.