redefining exercise as freedom and enjoyment

Redefining Exercise as Mindful Movement

I want to establish the rhythm of my exercise routine to meet me right where I am today. I am shifting everything “exercise” has meant for me in the past, a tortuous have-to, into something more kind, intuitive, and life-giving. I am redefining exercise for myself as mindful movement: something the body needs that I get to give it in a balanced way.


Not too hard and not too soft. Challenging yet kind.


No taunting. No body-shaming. No torture. No self-loathing punishment.


Nope. Not anymore. Now it is:


Reverence. Appreciation. Kindness. Obedience to the body’s requests.


Exercise has changed from being fueled by a not-good-enough and have-to-exercise mentality, to an appreciation for the body God has given me, a keen attentiveness to its needs, and the diligent obedience to tend to its requests. I am rewarded for my efforts. The reward may not be immediate, but it is faithful to come.


Instead of forcing myself to do exercise, now, I GET to do it. Now it’s an item on my checklist I look forward to, because, I don’t overdo it, I refuse to attach it to my self-worth, and I remember how good it made me feel before.


What I GET to do now:

  • I get to listen to what my body needs that day and provide exactly what it requests.
  • I get to set my own pace, without comparing mine with others’.
  • I get to show love to my body before I lose weight, as I am losing weight, and after all the unwanted weight is gone. No more picking it apart in the mirror.
  • I get strive to make my body the best version of itself it can be, without it having an attachment to my self-worth. A mental shift that changes the whole game.
  • I get to let the body handle weight loss naturally, as it does in its own time, while I consistently apply mindfully rejuvenating, repeatable, and pleasant movement with the pairing of smaller food portions.


No more aggressive attempts to lose the weight, ladies, just kindness and diligence.

Jessie Courson
Jessie Courson