roots wrap stone bread, the message of Christ

Roots Wrap Stone Bread

When roots wrap stone bread: How do we untangle the message from the messenger?


Roots wrap around a pure white stone under the ground’s surface. They tangle and knot around like an old woman’s fingers.


When Christ is presented to you, His doctrine and words are usually introduced to you by another human being. That person is always imperfect. Their sin and guilt-ridden hands try to offer you the perfect white loaf of bread called Christ.


This perfect gift is served with gnarled human hands.


Oftentimes, the knotted fingers themselves, repulse us from the loaf. (The sins we know they’ve committed. The lengths they have personally let us down. Perhaps you were even abused in the name of “God”. Some people you loved may have given you “God”, but didn’t give you of themselves and there’s hurt layered there. Maybe they had God right, but a lot of other things really wrong. Sometimes parents will give the message out of fear and not love. They know the bread is important to pass on, but they don’t really know how to go about using it themselves.)


So we reject it. Yet, it’s the only thing that will fill our bellies. The catch is, every hand that will ever introduce us to Christ will be like this. It will be gnarled and imperfect. If we don’t see it at first, it will be revealed with time. Their imperfections may have twisted around (or even through) that message. But that message still remains the same: perfect, untainted, holy, and our help. You will eventually have to look past the person’s imperfections to receive the perfect gift of Christ. Then you can take Christ all on your own: Alone. Together. In perfect nourishing bliss.


One day, our own hands will gnarl around the bread and we will try and pass it on to another: out of love and in our best understanding. Hopefully, we will eventually see the beauty in the hands that have given to us. The nourishing of the message will bring thanks.