Waiting and Bubbles on the Beach

Waiting for resolution can be excruciating; or could it be something much more?


Foam dizzied up from the tumultuous waves. Bubbles of every color made from sea foam shook with the power of the wind. The gelatinous masses trembled at its mercy or havoc. But as I bent down closer, there were bubbles of every color: topaz, copper tones, rich greens, magentas, and purples. All amazing, all taking their turn and then simply...popping.


Waiting and Bubbles on the Beach


These were the moments in my life I was meant to be enjoying. Each one with its splendid splash of color: time with friends, family, loved ones, moments with my kids, moments with God, moments in nature, moments in His word, moments laughing, having fun, cooking, planting, painting something, getting massages. Memories to be had.


*Or…I could stew in the anxiety of worrying about how this is all going to turn out. (I’ve had enough of that.)


I stared at these bubbles and ran my hand through them for what seemed to be at least 10 minutes or even more. And, all of a sudden, a large wave came and reached all the way to my toes. Right in front of me, most of the bubbles were pulled back to sea. All of those precious moments — lost in a moment.


When I am done with this waiting; when God determines I am done with this waiting, the waiting will be gone and so will all of these precious moments and lessons I am supposed to be learning. Sometimes, excruciating or not, the waiting is the only place these certain lessons can be learned.


Remember, God disciplines those he loves.


This trouble you’re in isn’t punishment; it’s training, the normal experience of children. Only irresponsible parents leave children to fend for themselves. Would you prefer an irresponsible God? We respect our own parents for training and not spoiling us, so why not embrace God’s training so we can truly live?

– Hebrews 12:8-10 (approx) MSG


*There is a ton more insight in the passage above; click on the link to Hebrews 12 and check out vs. 4-17.