Person waiting in lonely room with words that read: WAITING, In the wait our faith is challenged. We are asked, "Do you Trust Me even if you lose this?"

Waiting in Uncertainty

I’ve waited for a marriage to fall through or be reborn. I’ve waited for pregnancies to end in the dark too soon or come to full fruition in soft whimpers and fresh cries. I’ve waited for business opportunities to flow into my hands or fold like the wind whipping away at what I was never meant to have.


Either way, I am provided for. In the moment of waiting or in the unknown aftermath, I am not alone. God hears my tiny, tenuous prayers and the roaring gushing ones. He holds my hopes, now thin as fishing line, as I let go with hands hurting so used to gripping.


Yet, I’ve determined in the quiet–however this turns out–I will be okay because God is with me.


For the most important work is always done within my own heart, within the shell of waiting. When all the decisions finally come to light and all the pieces have fallen into place, I will trust that this is best for me even when it hurts like hell.


“Be still and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10

I wait for Your hand to cull out my future.